Masks and social distancing rules may be around for a while longer, but it’s clear we’re not too
far away from some kind of “normal” that will allow us to get on with our lives and pay less
mind to coronavirus.

Having navigated the short-term, crisis-planning mindset, many businesses are now thinking
longer-term what the ramifications will be for their physical offices, shop floors, factories and

At Metro Storage, we’ve fielded a fair few questions from businesses who are exploring ways to
re-shape their various premises or help employees who want to continue working from home.

Here’s a quick Metro Storage guide to some of the main returning-to-the-office considerations.

Find out what your staff want

Everyone’s experiences through the pandemic have been different, but they may not have
communicated that. It is important that the workforce is told what is happening, and also given
a chance to speak their own thoughts.

Some people may want to spend more time working remotely, and utilising a temporary
storage solution to fashion a more comfortable home office could be a helpful option to help
them make that transition. The notion of “a happy workplace is a profitable workplace” is no

Balance the return

Not everyone will be ready to leap back into their old seat 5-days-a week immediately. Some businesses may also need more time to get their premises fitted out for the new Covid-shaped
health-and-safety guidelines.

Technology is enabling the rise of hybrid-working models, and Metro Storage has been busy
helping businesses store various office items while they refit their workplaces as more flexible

Keep up with the guidelines

Just as the date of “Freedom Day’ keeps changing, so do the government guidelines on social
distancing. Do you know how many people are allowed inside your building? Safety should be
paramount to keep workers healthy and happy BUT also to avoid any fallouts from a possible
Covid outbreak.

It may be the case that you’ll have to empty part of your warehouse or move items around
inside offices to make space, which is where Metro Storage can help.

Make better use of space

For companies who have embraced the remote working model and are happy with a disparate
workforce logging on from wherever they wish, there are several concerns that need to be

Information security may be the most important, and some brick-and-mortar premises may
need a larger area for servers if the workforce is shifting to a cloud-based solution. The IT
department itself may need a new space, as may those who still wish to come in and have to be
accommodated. Other practical matters include less immediate need for office furniture, to
which temporary storage is an ideal solution.

Help those who wish to work from home

For many people, millions around the work in fact, the pandemic has changed their
circumstances to the effect they don’t want or need to return to the office. Many companies
are also seeing the benefit of reducing their office space, and this arrangement may work for
both parties.

Clearing some of the employee’s items from their home to give them a better working
environment may help their productivity. While some flexible businesses may also want to
utilise a temporary storage space as they re-fit their offices or move furniture and desks

Metro Storage is here, willing and able to help your company navigate the tricky office return
journey. Get in touch via the website or give us a call to speak to one of our experienced team
to see how we may help you.