We are living in strange times, many say ‘unprecedented’ times.

One thing’s for sure… they are unlike anything we at Metro Storage have ever come across before!

For many, it is the first time they have had to work from home (WFH) and there are some that either can’t or have been forced to stop work altogether.

The common part in all of this is for most we have a lot more time on our hands and with that sometimes comes a sense of guilt that ‘we should be doing more’… but is that really true?

Below is some advice on how best survive lockdown and these bizarre times.

Don’t try to do too much

For most of us, it is not only important but expected to ‘be busy’ at all times – but is this the best way for us to ‘be’? It is actually well-proven that to get off the conveyor belt of life every once in a while is very good for people. So don’t fight it! In fact, embrace it! You’ll find you suddenly have the time and the ‘space’ to not only relax, catch up with friends or family (online obviously!) but also to take stock and do some clear-headed thinking. This is not a bad thing!

Don’t plan too much

If you start to try planning for the short to medium term it can remind you of your current situation and start to stress you out. If you can, try to take it one day at a time. Start living in the ‘now’ and also try to enjoy what you have as much as possible. There’ll be plenty of time to get your plans together when there is more certainty out there. Focus on making now as good as possible and you never know… you may start to enjoy it!

Take some time out from your time out

You might be living in close proximity to family (or friends) much more than anyone is normally used to… and let’s face it, it may start to upset/annoy you at times. Try to take some time out from your time out – however you want to do it. If you meditate then great, or if you have some noise-cancelling headphones, also great! Turn your phone and computer off – turn down the ‘noise’ of life and relax – 20 minutes a day should do it… you will feel great for it!

Treat yourself!

Life is tough enough already at the moment. If you want a treat (whether its sweets, a savoury snack, a drink… or all three at once!) then once in a while, why not! By treating yourself you release some ‘happy hormones’ and these will help you get through what are some difficult times.

What happens next???

Well, no one really knows the answer to this one.  But, Metro Storage is still open for business in line with guidelines from the government via the Self Storage Association of the UK. Storage businesses are ‘home’ to many small businesses who rely upon our services to run their businesses. And in turn, many local residents depend upon those local businesses.  So, in short, we are open and here if you need us.

If you need to find some more room at home so you can WFH properly, or just need some more space so you can take your time out from your time out, then we are here to help!

Metro Storage currently has two self-access stores in central London – in Bayswater and Islington. We have pioneered market leading ‘remote’ sign up procedures to keep both our staff and our customers safe. We can be contacted via the website, email or phone – we are here to help!

Stay safe!