Spring Clean

By 27th March 2017Blog
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Thinking about your annual spring clean?

It’s nearly at that time of year again when you consider giving your home a full ‘spring clean’.  Spring feels like it is ‘springing’, trees and flowers are beginning to burst back with life, birds are making a wonderful racket first thing in the morning, the clocks have changed.  We are nearly there …!

Whilst contemplating what feels like this very British phenomenon it is easy to visualise your brand new, clean, sparsely populated home … or is it?!

10 Top Tips for your Spring clean

  • 10    Plan – Making a list will help
  • 9     Take your time – stay on plan but don’t overdo it either!
  • 8     Get Ready – stock up on supplies
  • 7     DECLUTTER FIRST – this is where we can help!
  • 6     Use backup – any chance of getting the kids to help?
  • 5     Top Down – start up high and end up doing the floors
  • 4     Shortcut – hosing down windows works
  • 3     Get it done as early as possible – so you can actually enjoy spring
  • 2     Out of date – bin it
  • 1     Annual Maintenance – boiler or air con service etc.

In order to keep on top of your cleaning it is much easier to do this whilst you have a clear run at it – free from excess ‘stuff’ and belongings, boxes and bags.  This is where we come in.

Metro Storage is a company that offers excellent self storage where you actually need it – in very central locations.  Currently with stores in Bayswater (W2) and Islington (N1) we like to think of ourselves as your spare room on your doorstep.

  • You can use our storage space on a short or long term basis – whatever suits you.
  • You can even upgrade or downsize your unit size – again when it suits you.
  • All our prices are ALL INCLUSIVE (even including insurance and the use of a padlock!) – so no nasty surprises unlike almost all the others!
  • Extensive opening hours 7 days a week so you can access your stuff when you need.

Call us now and see how we can help you with your spring clean and storage needs.

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