If you read our last blog post, you will know that we have recently welcomed into our group of stores an extra 2 stores.  These used to trade under the name of 3D Space Ltd and have been open since 2001 and 2006.  In that time they have served literally thousands of local customers in the SW1 area – both residential customers and local business customers.

So … we are now 4 weeks in from our ‘Go Live’ date and we wanted to give you an update on how things are going.

It has been … interesting! … merging the marketing and public faces of the two well established, award winning storage businesses together. For several weeks before the ‘Go Live’ date there were many spinning plates to keep in the air and it was managed brilliantly by everyone involved.

Our ‘Go Live’ day was Monday 15th November and that was a busy, busy day!

This was the day that everything had to slip into place … hopefully seamlessly … in the space of just a few hours.  Taking down one website and putting up the revised version with the new stores included.  Changing the signage on site (both at the entrance and inside for all the storage room doors / guidance signs etc etc).  All the content of our marketing literature (emails / texts / online listings etc etc) also had to be changed.  As I said … it was busy.


So … what’s new?


  • Metro Storage is able to proudly say that it is the largest provider of self-access storage in the Centre of London with 4 stores in Victoria, Pimlico, Bayswater and Islington.
  • This means that we have a storage solution for you and your things right on your doorstep making everything as convenient and close as possible.
  • Metro Storage – London’s Best All-Inclusive Storage – offers FREE … insurance, 24 / 7 access, wifi in store, use of a padlock whilst you store.
  • Metro Storage – London’s Best All-Inclusive Storage – offers … a price match guarantee, up to 50% off your first 8 weeks (store specific – please check), 12 month price fix (no nasty price increases after your first 3, 6 or 9 months).


We have tried to make storing your things with us as easy as possible.

Give our experienced Team a call for free on 0800 999 5881 to find out more or you can book direct online by clicking HERE. If you just want some more info you can get this by clicking HERE.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our stores soon.