How quickly you can rent a storage unit out depends on how organised you are, but let us explain.

We are one of the oldest self-storage companies in the UK, having worked in the London self-storage market since 1998 (!). We know that organising a storage unit can often slip to the bottom of the list of things ‘to do’ when you’re busy with events such as moving home.

However, putting your belongings in storage is an important job! It will allow you to carry out major home improvement projects, such as a loft or basement conversion. Or if you’re re-decorating your home, it keeps your belongings from getting covered in dust.

We make renting storage units quick and easy

If you plan ahead, you can rent a storage unit from us in 30 minutes.

You will need to carry out some basic steps to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible:

  1. Make an appointment to come and view the storage units

    We always strongly recommend you come and see for yourself what a 25 sq.ft. or 100 sq.ft. storage room looks like. It’s really only you that knows what you want to store and whether it will fit at all. We are of course on hand to offer advice as to how to pack your storage room to make sure you are only paying for space you actually need!

  2. Fill in a storage agreement

    After picking the right sized storage room for your things, you will need to fill in your personal details onto a storage agreement that has the T’s and C’s attached – we use the Self Storage Association of the UK’s (SSA) storage agreement for this.  It lays out how the whole thing will work. We are of course, on hand to talk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

  3. Provide ID

    We take the security of your things (and those of all our other customers) very seriously. We ask for 2 types of ID. One photo ID like a valid drivers licence/passport. One proof of address, like a recent utility bill. Don’t’ forget to bring these otherwise we won’t be able to rent you a storage unit there and then.

  4. Make payment

    Since we take the security of your things very seriously, we do not accept cash payments. The first payment has to be made by debit/credit card (or a bank transfer if this isn’t possible). The reason for this is to ‘piggy-back’ onto the security checks the banks have done in order for you to open a bank account and receive a card. It also allows us to make any refund for any unused storage fee/security deposit back onto the card if you decide you no longer want to use our storage services.

As we said, it should be quick and easy!

Flexible storage solutions

We know things change and the number of items you want to store can get smaller or increase. That’s why we’ve made it possible to either upgrade or downsize your storage room size as quick and easy as possible. If we have availability, we can arrange for you to change storage room on any day that suits you.

Please be aware if you are going into a larger storage unit there will be more to pay. Conversely, if you are going into a smaller storage unit you will receive a credit on your account.

IMPORTANT – it’s an important part of the storage agreement that you sign that you give a true and accurate value to the things you have in storage throughout your stay with us AND that your goods are fully insured at all times. The good news is we include FREE INSURANCE with every storage unit. We can provide additional cover at just £3 per £1000 of extra cover per 4 weeks.

In summary

We believe self-storage should be simple, quick and flexible and hope you agree we’ve managed to do this. It’s a great service to use for both short or long term – it’s up to you!

We look forward to welcoming you to Metro Storage soon.

You can contact us with any questions.