Packing a storage unit is not a very difficult thing to do, but by putting some thought and planning into it you can make the most of the space that you have rented and potentially save money. Often people think they need more storage space than they actually do. Follow our tips to pack your self-storage unit efficiently.

1. Make a list

Before putting your things into a self-storage unit make a list or take photos of all of the items in the unlikely event that something happens to them whilst in storage and you need to make an insurance claim. The list will also be good for reference if you need to remember if you put something into storage, or not!

2. Identify fragile items

Pack these items with care, using bubble wrap or similar. Make sure you have “FRAGILE” labels on hand to apply to boxes and that the labels can be easily seen.

3. Identify items that you will need on a regular basis

Position any items that you will need regular access to at the front of the unit, and if you’re going to need regular access to most of the items in the unit you may want to leave an aisle.

4. Identify bulk items

Identify your heaviest or fullest boxes, and put these on the ground and place lighter boxes on top to prevent crushing the box’s contents.

5. Use strong, uniformed sized boxes

Using boxes of similar sizes will make stacking them easier, allowing you to make the most of the vertical space. Boxes are also available on our online storage box shop.

6. Stack

Store sofas and mattresses on end and stack chairs pad-to-pad. This will help you to minimise the amount of space you need. Stack your boxes, maximising your space, from the back of the unit and fill your space methodically towards the front – don’t forget to use single items for filling gaps as you go.

7. Make the most of hollow spaces

Don’t leave wardrobes, chest of drawers, laundry baskets, fridges or suitcases empty.  Fill those spaces with things such as clothing, linen or pillows.

8. Cover with a dust sheet

When all your items are in, cover with a dust sheet to keep them clean and protected.

To find out more you can download our Top Tips brochure for FREE here.

Packing Tips

How much space will I need?

It can be difficult to visualise how much space you are going to need.  A good place to start is to think carefully about what you are actually going to want to store.  Once you have a clear idea of this it will become easier to think how much space you might need.  Still not sure?  We have put together a really clear and simple ‘SIZE GUIDE’ to help with this part of the process – you can see it here.

The good news is that using self-storage is a lot more simple than you may imagine. At Metro Storage, we offer really flexible self-storage – if you need to upgrade to a bigger unit if you have more stuff to store than you thought, or if you need to downsize into a smaller unit you can do this at any time (as long as we have the unit size available of course!). We invoice on a 4 weekly basis and you can store as long as you like and only need an email notice for when you want to vacate.  We already offer some of the longest opening hours in the London market but if you need 24/7 access to your things for even greater flexibility – simply ask as it’s FREE.

How do I get my things to the store?

There are obviously many ‘Man and Van’ or similar services out there – use one that is reputable and experienced and not necessarily just the cheapest.  This is your life going into the back of their van and you preferably want it all to turn up and in one piece!  Metro Storage do not offer any in-house service but has been working with Charlie and his team for many years now.  You can find out more here.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

As the heading suggests, preparation is absolutely key to moving your things into storage. Don’t leave it to the last minute! If planned in advance and correctly, using storage can be a calm solution rather than a daunting ‘unknown’.

  • Make a list of everything going into the storage room
  • Get your quality packaging supplies in early
  • Mark up the boxes clearly so you know what’s in each one
  • Plan what stuff can go right at the back of the room and what needs to be near the door
  • Book your Man and Van service with a reputable company

If in doubt, we are here to help! 3D Space has been providing self-storage in SW1 (Pimlico and Westminster) since 2001 to local residents and businesses alike – please feel free to get in touch to see how we may help you.

Do you need packaging supplies?

When packing your things up it is a good idea to use good quality cardboard boxes so that they can be stacked on top of one another and not collapse. You might be able to find some odd boxes at your local store, but in order to use the space as efficiently (and therefore as cheaply!) as possible, it is worth getting new boxes meant for the job. Metro Storage is not only able to supply boxes from the site but they can also be delivered to your door via our website!

Our FAQ’s page has lots of other help and advice.