How much space do I need?

Our size guide video below talks you through choosing the right size storage unit for your needs:

We know that it’s not always easy to figure out how much storage space you need to store your things. Nobody wants to pay for storage space they are not using and nobody wants to turn up on the day and find they don’t have enough space! We understand this can be quite stressful!

Size Calculator

Metro Storage has a wide variety of storage rooms ranging in size from a 10 sq.ft. storage room (like a walk-in wardrobe) right up to a 300 sq.ft. storage room (enough room to store the entire contents of a 4 / 5 bed home) and everything in between!

Below is an example of the sort of items that fit into each storage room size:

  • 5×4 Unit (20 sq. ft.): approximately the size of a walk-in wardrobe. Ideal for storing extra items like clothes, books, records/files, and other small bits and pieces (up to 40 medium size boxes).
  • 5×5 Unit (25 sq. ft.): One of our most popular small-size storage rooms it is ideal for storing the contents of a studio flat, including a number of boxes, kitchen appliances, small mattress set, chairs etc.
  • 5×10 Unit (50 sq. ft.): This storage room can store the contents of a one-bed flat or 120 medium size boxes of your are a business.
  • 5×15 Unit (75 sq. ft.): Another really popular storage room size – it is great for storing the contents of a 2 bedroom flat.  Ideal for furniture including a couch, chair and small dining set, sporting equipment, bicycles, or if a business, for the storing of merchandise and seasonal items.
  • 10×10 Unit (100 sq. ft.): Ideal for storing the contents of a 2 bedroom house.  Perfect for holding all your tech, king-size mattresses, larger appliances, dining room, furniture, and other various items you’d find in a 2 bedroom space.
  • 10×15 Unit (150 sq. ft.): This storage room is ideal for storing the contents of a 3 bedroom space.  Great for storing large screen t.v.’s, bikes and other sporting equipment, large furniture, full dining room set, or even music equipment like a C-3 piano, drum set, or all the equipment needed for a several-month long tour.
  • 10×20 Unit (200 sq. ft.): This is a very large space and like the size of a 2 car garage – perfect for the storing the contents of a 4-bed house and all that goes with it.  If you need a larger size just give us a call and will see what we can do!
  • If you are still a little unsure, simply give us a call and speak with one of our storage team to find exactly the space you need.

In order to help you find out how much storage space you need, we have built a really useful ‘storage size calculator‘ which we hope will help you judge what size storage room is going to be right for you and your things.

By clicking on the above link you will be taken to our built-in size calculator on our website which explains and shows some of our most popular storage room sizes and what you could potentially store in them.

Packing Tips

Once you’ve decided what size room is going to work best for you, it’s time to start to think about how you are going to fill the space as efficiently as possible. Packing a storage room is a fine art and when done well can save you money by allowing you to use a smaller unit. However, and here’s packing tip # 1: don’t pack the storage room so tight that you need to empty it every time you want to find something! We suggest you at least leave a small corridor along the middle of the unit so you can walk in and reach what you need. If you pack the room right up to the door you can bet the first thing you need to get from the storage room once you have moved in will be right at the back and bottom of the space!

Still not sure?

We hope this guide has helped, but If you’re still feeling a little unsure about which size is best for you, get in touch and one of our self-storage experts will advise you and help find the perfect self-storage solution for you.

Just email us or give us a call on 0800 999 3342. Our helpful storage experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you of the best solution for your self-storage needs.

Here is a useful size guide:

Self Storage Size Guide

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