There are endless reasons for hiring self-storage units, but the main one people tell us (by a long way) is they just need more space in their lives.

We’re all busier than ever, and people requiring storage space are often short of time and understandably don’t think too much about strategy ahead of time. But that’s where Metro Storage comes in. We’ve been doing this for over two decades (since 1998 to be exact), and it is our business to help you get the most out of your desired space.

Here’s a short guide of things to think about when looking for a storage space that will help you get maximum value.

1. Is it convenient?

Life has a habit of getting in the way. We know from experience that with the best intentions in the world customers often need their storage for a little bit longer than they originally intended. It’s also common that customers need more regular access to their things in storage than they perhaps first expected.

Making sure the store you choose is close to where you live (or work) becomes quite important. Having extended opening hours to give you access to your things when you actually need them is also useful.

Some of our clients have been surprised that other storage spaces are not open 24 hours, and they’ve been unable to pick up belongings when they wanted. Metro Storage offers full 24-7 access at no extra cost, and we’re in Islington (N1), Bayswater (W2) and Pimlico (SW1). Just ask when you make an enquiry, or mention it when you come and have a look around and we’ll show you how our access points work.

2. How much space do you need?

We’ve all heard the old adage “time is money”, well in the storage game “space is money”. The more space you use, the higher the cost. That makes it crucial to get the right-sized unit. At Metro Storage we arrange to meet all future customers on-site to show them around various storage room sizes and we’ll work with them to get the sizing right.

Frequently, people simply want the smallest possible space to squeeze their belongings into, but this can backfire. It is always a good idea to leave enough room down the middle of the room (like an aisle) so you can access your things at the side and far end and not just the front. Ultimately this will save you hours of time later on as you won’t have to move and unpack everything to find certain items. So, in this case, time AND space are money!

3. Are there any hidden extras?

When choosing where to store your things don’t be fooled by the initial ‘bargain’ price you are quoted. Sadly, in the storage industry, many operators choose to offer customers cheap-looking deals only to hit them at the sign-up stage with hidden extras. These can include things such as admin charges and co-called compulsory insurance. We don’t think this is fair, which is why we offer all-inclusive storage. The price you are quoted at Metro Storage is the price you pay, and that comes with insurance and the free use of a padlock if you want to use it.

Storage is a simple business and we like to keep it simple! Just make sure you check everything before you sign and make sure you are completely clear about what you are signing up to.

4. Is the agreement flexible if your situation changes?

No one likes to be tied into rigid agreements and yet this is where some companies will add in an extra charge or two limiting you on the number of visits you can make to the site. That’s why Metro Storage offers fully-flexible storage. You can come once a year or 10 times a day to visit your belongings! We invoice until such time as you give us 14 days written notice (email is fine although we’re not fussy, also accept postcards! 😉 ) of your wish to vacate the storage room. This means you only pay for the exact number of days you actually use.

Any storage fee that has been paid in advance is refunded, along with any security deposit that has been paid as long as the storage room is returned undamaged. All we ask is for customers to clear any rubbish away, and we’ll take care of the clean-up to make sure the room is compliant with new coronavirus health and safety regulations.

5. Do you trust the company you’re dealing with?

It is usually a good idea to have a decent working relationship with businesses you have to deal with over a longer period of time. We think life is just too short not to. While there are a number of new entrants into the business, self-storage has been around for decades.

We’ve been involved since the 90s, and we’ve got a stellar reputation amongst our thousands of clients. We have clients of all sizes, from people who are moving house to businesses who are sorting out their office space, with long- and short-term rents.

If you would like to chat anything storage over with our excellent team just call us on the FREE phone 0800 number above (this is free for mobiles as well as landlines).

Alternatively, drop us a line on one of our contact forms and we will get in touch with you to answer any questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope this guide puts you a few steps closer to reaping the many benefits of self-storage.