Making the most of your space

For every tiny apartment dweller, the main concern is getting enough storage space to have a well-organised home. While achieving this level of cosiness may seem impossible, there are a few ways to do it. 

Self storage londonImagine the joy of coming home to an apartment where everything is in its place and you don’t have to rummage through the clutter to find everyday items after a long day at work. Now that’s a dream come true.

To help you create a comfy home where everything has its place, we’ve compiled ten game-changing tips for homeowners.

So, if you’re thinking “How do I fit everything in one tiny apartment?” Keep reading to learn how to maximise your space strategically. 

1. Vertical Spaces

When you find that you are running out of floor space, your best bet would be to make use of the walls and maximise the floor-to-ceiling length that you have available. The use of vertical space can be made the most of by installing floating shelves and tall bookcases. The latter doesn’t necessarily have to only store your book collection, but other items like candles and decorations for the home or even office supplies if you work from home. 

2. Under bed storage

Storage LondonWhen you have limited space, it is amazing how creative you can get with utilising existing space for storage. You can convert the base of your bed into pull-out drawers, or you can invest in a drawer to fit under the bed for storing items out of sight and organised. Small bins or drawers are ideal for storing seasonal clothing, shoes and linen in these instances. Because they are underneath the bed, they won’t be in your way of getting to your day-to-day items. 

3. Hidden Storage

Another way to maximise your small space is by taking a leaf out of mystery novels – by utilising hidden compartments in your furniture. You can opt for furniture such as ottomans with hidden compartments, coffee tables with lift-up tops, and sofas with built-in drawers. These pieces of furniture provide solutions for stashing away items to keep everything clean and clutter-free allowing you more space to move around in. 

4. Hanging organisers

These are pieces that you can hang up in your bedroom or closet to increase storage space. They come with multiple cavities to store your items. They will be able to save you valuable floor space and make finding and accessing the items you need easier. You can fold your clothes and arrange them in multiple sections instead of hanging them all up. They can also be used to store shoes and other items. 

5. Multifunctional Decor

In the same way that furniture with storage spaces works, multifunctional decor or transformative furniture serves more than one purpose, which can help you save space. This means you get double or even triple the value of a single piece of furniture. This can include hallway shoe cupboards that double up as a table to hold your keys and bags when you enter your home, sleeper couches, and dining sets that fit all your chairs to look like a singular unit. 

6. Door and Wall spaces

When you live in a small space, you will find use for any available space for storage, including your doors. With items like over-the-door organisers and wall-mounted racks, you can store various small items that might otherwise clutter your limited floor space. 

7. Use corner spaces

If you have an empty corner and have not filled the space yet, it can sometimes look awkward. To solve this, you can buy triangular-shaped storage, or install corner-shaped shelving. Not only will you be increasing your storage space, but it can make the space look more attractive. 

8. Overhead Storage

Another way to utilise the minimal space in a creative way is by looking at how overhead storage can be added. There are several ways you can go about this including ceiling-mounted racks to store seldom-used items or heavy-duty hooks to hang tools, bikes etc. These are often seen in garages and in closets, but with the right approach, they can look stylish and enhance your home. 

9. Regular Decluttering

One of the ways to keep the clutter at bay in a smaller space is by adopting a minimalist approach. Taking inventory of what you have and only keeping what you truly need or love. This can drastically improve the organisation and spaciousness of your home. Additionally, managing your lease effectively and considering lease extensions can provide stability, allowing you to plan and utilize your space more efficiently. Using a lease extension calculator can help you understand the financial implications of extending your lease, allowing you to make informed decisions and better plan your storage needs.

If you are not ready to part with your belongings despite the small space, you can use a local storage company, such as Metro Storage, which have units available for home-based items, you can see our size guide here to see which size would work best for you. With flexible opening hours you can visit your belongings whenever you need to. With our all-inclusive prices and award-winning service this can be a great option to decluttering and storing your belongings. 

10. Think outside the box

Get creative. You don’t have to hide all your belongings, use out-in-the-open storage ideas, add-ons for inside existing cupboards, combing cabinet and shelving to reduce ill-fitted storage, and don’t hesitate to work on existing spaces like adding shelving across your windows instead of keeping it above, below or to the side. 

Parting thoughts

The creative storage hacks mentioned above should have you clearing your tiny spaces in no time. You don’t have to compromise on your home’s aesthetic and seamlessly blend functionality with style

Although it may be a challenge, embrace the limited square footage and use it as an opportunity to get innovative with your organisation and design. 

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