If you’ve ever bought a “cheap” plane ticket and ended up shelling out much more than you anticipated in hidden fees, dealing with unscrupulous self-storage operators can be equally frustrating.

We often get asked about discounts, and while we do have different offers on for customers, it is helpful to know what is actually included in the price of renting a self-storage unit.

Often an extremely low prices do not include the kinds of essential items that will significantly inflate the bill (but which Metro Self Storage often includes for free). Smoke and fire alarms? Padlocks? Actual security? It’s often not until you’ve signed the contract on your new unit that such issues can reveal themselves, leaving you to dip into your wallet again to ensure your things are safe and dry. It’s sad, but it does happen.

Self-storage is largely ‘event-driven’

Self-storage is classified as an ‘event-driven’ purchase. This means customers tend to use storage when a particular event occurs in their life that requires them to store some stuff for a short or long time. It could be a move abroad, for work or study, a marriage, a divorce or a death.

Event-driven purchases are often not something customers are completely enamoured with, and it may have been forced on them.

Those individuals who understandably aren’t thinking completely straight may not fully comprehend the ins and outs of self-storage, and how to get the best out of it (we’ve plenty in our blog archives for people who want some tips and tricks).

Which is why we get asked a lot whether we offer discounts.

The answer is ‘yes’, but it’s worth knowing what is included in the price.

London’s Best All-Inclusive Storage

Storage is the same as many other things – you get what you pay for, and if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Check the small print, and ask what is included.

When you use Metro Storage, you automatically get the following benefits:

FREE insurance included with every storage unit.
FREE use of a padlock while you store with us.
FREE use of wi-fi when in store.
Extensive opening hours (some have 24/7 access).
12 months price fix guarantee.

Price match against any similar quote from 1 mile from our doorstep.
Up to 50% off your first 4 weeks of storage.
FREE intruder, smoke, and fire alarms.
Remote CCTV monitoring.
Regular security patrols.

It is essential to check what, if any of the above, are offered by storage operators when choosing the place to keep your belongings. Some of the above benefits do not come cheap, and can easy cost more than double the amount of the unit itself.

We offer all new customers up to 50% off their first 4 weeks of storage with us.  This does vary from site to site, so please double-check first.

We also offer further discounts for customers that pre-pay for a full 26 or 52 weeks of storage. You can save a further 6.5% or 15% respectively for making a prepayment.

If you’d rather keep it shorter term, and want to discuss other payment methods do not hesitate to reach out and talk with our team.

We hope this helps clarify what great deals are available when you store with Metro Storage.  If you have any further queries contact us via the website or for free on 0800 9995881.