One of the most frantic things about moving house can be the last-minute scramble for cardboard boxes to put our stuff inside.

Often, we get so distracted in thinking about what to take and pack we forget about the actual boxes we’ll need to keep our belongings safe and organised as we carry them about.

If you’re moving things around or putting stuff into storage, a little forethought can go a long way – and save you the expense of giving up and buying containers you might only use once.

So, where can you find free cardboard boxes? By thinking outside the box of course! Here’s a list that will get you started.

1. Social media

A good place to start looking for free cardboard boxes is your online network of friends and family, and in turn their friends and family. Most people will be happy to get rid of unused boxes as they can take up a lot of room (even when flat packed)! If you know of someone who has recently moved this could be a great place to start.

2. Supermarkets

Virtually all the stock sold in supermarkets arrives in cardboard boxes so this can be a goldmine. But most packaging is almost immediately broken down ready to be recycled, so if you go there early and give them a bit of notice to set some aside, you’ll be loaded with boxes on your next visit.

3. Recycling centres

Not many people think of this one, but it’s one of the best places to go if you can get there early. People take boxes for recycling every day and these centres often have a huge supply available. They may need to be strengthened with a bit of tape (and make sure to get dry ones), but this is one of the top sources of free cardboard boxes.

4. Local schools

Another one that not many people may immediately associate with boxes, but schools get deliveries of all sorts of things, all of the time and are always recycling cardboard. Think food, stationery, sports equipment, furniture … you name it and they’re getting it! Call in and ask if you can have some of their old boxes … they’ll no doubt be happy to pass them on.

5. Local shops

Pretty straightforward this, and the locations may be easier to get to than large supermarkets. You’re doing them a favour by cutting down on their time spent recycling, and again they will be pleased to have someone take them off their hands. Print shops are a good place to start, but discount stores and fast-food restaurants are another big source of free cardboard boxes.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas on where you can save a few pounds and find free cardboard boxes. These methods also help the environment too, which can only be a good thing.

If you’re really stuck, Metro Storage can also help you with getting packaging supplies. We carry a selection of new boxes, tape and bubble wrap in store for sale. We have also partnered up with Breamfold Packaging so you can order online and even have the boxes delivered to your door the next day.

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be delighted to help out.