How to store kids school work

By 7th November 2016Blog
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Top 5 ways to store your child’s school work

When your little one goes to nursery / pre-school / primary school you can find yourself being inundated with ‘works of art’ on a weekly basis.   If you are anything like us, we find it difficult to decide what is worth keeping and what is … well there’s not easy way of saying this … not!

There are clearly some ‘must keep’ items such as hand and foot prints.  But those splodges of bright red paint on black paper … perhaps not.  And what about those manic scribbles with a dozen different crayons … unless it’s signed by Damien Hirst, again it might be better to slip them into the recycling when the little one in question isn’t looking!

With the recent glut of pictures and assorted stuff following Halloween (a key time in the little one’s creative output apparently!) we did some research into what is the best way of keeping the good ones safe and sound.  There are some very worthwhile options out there but they mostly involve giving up your day job and spending 10 hours a day curating the ‘works’.  Honestly, who has the time?!

Below we list the Top 5 ways we have come across to store your child’s work:

Number 5

Box File and / or Lever Arch File – this one is for the stuff you are not too sure about but think you want to keep.  We do urge you to be relatively ruthless otherwise this will fill up very quickly indeed!  The Box File is good for the slightly bulkier items (e.g. a ‘sun’ made from paper plates etc.!) and the file for those paintings or drawings.

Number 4

Frame it!  This one is only for the exceptional items from the collection!  However when framed nicely they can look pretty good.  Honestly …

Number 3

Personal Gifts – you can get pictures put onto almost anything these days, but popular items include tea / coffee mugs, hot drink matts, items of clothing, caps, phone covers … the list goes on.

Number 2

Nearing the top of the list is a Photo Book of all the pieces of art which can also include captions e.g. Johnny’s ‘Blue Phase’ – Class: ‘Toddler 2’s’ – Aged 2 and 3/4 … joking aside, a pretty good way of getting a lot of stuff into a small space which will keep for ever – we like this one.

Number 1

However, we think the coolest way to store your child’s inner Van Gogh is to get a 3D model made of one of their drawings

So … hopefully some good tips for how to store your child’s art work.  We hope you find it useful.

Have a great day!