When it comes to self-storage, it’s essential to know what you can and cannot store. The Self Storage Association UK (SSA) sets guidelines to ensure safety and security within storage facilities. In this guide, we’ll outline items that are prohibited for storage and shed light on how Metro Storage, with convenient locations in Bayswater, Islington, Pimlico, and Victoria, can assist you with your storage needs.

Items Prohibited in Self-Storage

1.) Food or Perishable Goods:

a bag of groceries on a stool

Storing food in a self-storage unit, even if canned, is a common oversight. It can attract vermin, leading to damage and potential infestations. Consider alternative storage options for food and perishable items.

2.) Live (or Dead) Creatures:

cat on a sofa under a blanket

Leaving live animals in storage units is against both storage terms and the law. Ensure the well-being of your pets by leaving them with trusted family or friends when you can’t take them with you.

3.) Combustible or Flammable Substances:

flame on a black background

Gas, paint, petrol, oil, cleaning solvents, and compressed gasses pose a risk to stored items and the facility. Keep highly flammable items out of self-storage.

4.) Plants:

a cactus in a pot

Plants require sunlight and water, making storage units unsuitable for them. If you can’t care for your plants, consider giving them away or planting them outdoors..

5.) Firearms, Explosives, Weapons, or Ammunition:

two rows of ammunition

According to Firearms Rules 1998, these items require secure storage inaccessible to uncertified individuals.

6.) Hazardous Substances: 

chemicals in jars

Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, propane tanks, asbestos, etc., are strictly prohibited due to the risks they pose.

7.) Items Emitting Fumes or Odours: 

scented candles

Avoid storing items with strong smells or dampness, as they attract pests and can lead to mould growth. Ensure all items are dry before placing them in storage.

8.) Currency, deeds and securities: 

Four, £20 banknotes

While our storage units are secure, items of high value are better placed in a bank’s safe deposit box for enhanced security.

9.) Tyres:

a closeup of a car tyre

Tyres left in storage for extended periods can be expensive to dispose of, making them generally prohibited.

10.) Illegal Items, Substances or Goods: 

Illegally obtained items, counterfeit or smuggled goods, and unlicensed or unsafe items should not be stored in self-storage.

11.) Working or Living in Storage Units:

Self-storage units are not suitable for working or living. Attempts to use units for such purposes may result in police involvement.

Metro Storage – Your Storage Solution:

Metro Storage understands the importance of adhering to storage regulations while providing secure and convenient storage solutions. Our locations in Bayswater, Islington, Pimlico, and Victoria offer tailored storage plans to meet your needs. Contact us to explore how Metro Storage can assist you with your storage requirements.

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