Self-storage should be simple … right?!

At Metro Storage, we agree. That’s why we offer all-inclusive storage prices, but it would seem some other operators are not so sure …

Trying to compare quotes from 2 or 3 local operators can be like trying to compare mobile phone packages! You know the basic product/service is exactly the same but we believe many storage providers try to confuse and hide the full picture.

  • For example, do the compulsory insurance fees get advertised when they say a unit costs £X?  Not very often!
  • Does the cost of buying an own branded padlock get shouted about? Not often!
  • Some even have an ‘administration fee’ added on top of the price that’s shown.
  • Comparing self-storage units is not always as straight forward as it should be!

We believe storage is a simple business and therefore it should be kept simple. Simple as that!

All inclusive storage

What should you consider when choosing a self storage operator?

There are some things that you have to check regardless of where you choose to store, and they are:

Is the store convenient and local?

This is very important.  If a store is not convenient and local then it will take time to access your things when you need them, and in a lot of cases, time does equal money. This is time you could be working rather than sitting in traffic. It could also be time spent doing something you like, spending time with family and friends, on a hobby, sport, etc. Quite often if the storage is far from the centre of London it will be cheap, but think of the time you will waste as and when you need to access your things.

Does the store offer extensive opening hours?

Again, this is important as a lot of customer who use storage also work – so it would be useful to be able to access your things either before or after work so you don’t have to waste half a day of your precious weekend to get what you want or need from the storage room.  Of course, if you do want to wait until the weekend to collect/drop off some stuff then you want the store to be open!  Make sure the storage provider offers 7 day a week access and decent opening times at the weekend.

Is the store clean and tidy?

If a store is not clean and tidy then it shows a lack of respect for the owner’s own property. How are they going to treat your belongings?

Metro Storage takes the cleanliness of their stores very seriously indeed with dedicated cleaning staff on site several times a week carrying out deep cleans and minor maintenance to ensure the storage environment is as good as possible for your things.

Are the people I am dealing with professional and nice?

Let’s be honest, life is too short to deal with people who are unprofessional and unpleasant!

There really is no need in today’s competitive market so don’t put up with it. We aim (and hope!) you will find the Metro Storage Team both professional and nice to deal with, and please DO let us know if this is not the case and we will jump on it!  All we ask in return is for our team to be treated with equal respect and to be paid on time for the service we offer our customers in good faith.  We hope this isn’t asking too much …

Do I feel happy leaving my things here?

What’s your ‘gut’ feeling about the place?

If it feels right and you are treated right then it probably is right! Again, at Metro Storage, we put a lot of effort in making the ‘storage environment’ as welcoming and clean and professional as possible. Come and have a look around at a time that suits you and we hope you’ll agree.

So…what is ‘All-Inclusive’ self-storage?

Metro Storage came up with the idea of ‘All-Inclusive’ storage a long time ago.

Basically, to try and keep it as simple and clear as possible for our customers. We asked ourselves ‘what if we just bunched it all together and had one clear price?’ and that seemed to make sense to us, so that’s what we did!

On top of the ‘basics’ above there are a number of other things you should also check, and they are:

  • Do they make the price simple and clear?
  • Are there any hidden charges e.g. administration or signing up fees?
  • Is insurance included in my price?
  • If not, what are they charging for insurance?
  • What do they charge for a padlock so I can secure my storage unit?
  • Will they put my price up after a couple of months?

In carrying out our research we have found many examples of companies who offer what looks like a great, cheap price initially, but who charge administration or signing up fees, will insist you take their very expensive insurance on top, and charge a small fortune for a padlock to secure your storage unit. Not to mention that the price is put up after just 3 months of storing.

We don’t think this is fair!

So we introduced our ‘4 POINT PRICE PROMISE’ which you can see below:

Metro Price Promise

  • At Metro Storage, we offer an all-inclusive price that includes your storage fee, insurance, VAT and the use of a padlock whilst you store.
  • Not only that, we also offer great introductory deals when you sign up.
  • We also price match any official quotes within a 1-mile radius of our front door.
  • And finally, we will keep your price fixed for 12 months!

As we have said, we believe in keeping things as simple as possible and hope you find this approach refreshing and open and honest.

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