To paraphrase a famous footballer, we don’t make predictions, and we never will!

When it comes to self-storage it can be difficult to know what the future holds, and it’s not easy to know with 100% certainty how much space you’ll need when you sign up.

Whether you’re a business looking to scale or are simply running out of space, or a person with too much stuff and nowhere to put it, self-storage is a fantastically useful way to solve those problems.

But not knowing what the future holds could mean you end up paying more than you need to.

When booking a storage room online, it’s almost impossible to know how your items will fit inside until you see it. The room could be too small or way too large, meaning you either pay for space you aren’t using, or you need to shell out more than you originally intended.

At Metro Storage, we know these things can happen, and we’re here to help.

Flexibility is one of the core aspects of our business, and we are dedicated to ensuring each customer has the ideal space for their needs.

Size matters

We’ve been in the storage game for decades, and have developed a range of specialist tools on our website that will remove much of the guess work.

You can have a play around with our size guide.

You’ll also find detailed videos and pictures of what each storage room size looks like. The images include dimensions and a description of each room size. The videos show different storage rooms being packed up by our recommended Man & Van team.

Spend a few minutes on this page and you will eliminate any doubts about what size storage room is suitable for you and your things.

Your flexible friends

If you’ve checked out our website, chosen a storage room but on seeing it in person it’s still not right, we’re happy to upgrade or downgrade you to a more space. We also have plenty of guidance for you on making sure all your things fit in the best way– check out our blog archive on accessing your things for more.

Flexibility is one of the key features we offer at Metro Storage. We know how important having room to move, quite literally, can be in taking the stress out of a growing business or when your life circumstances change, meaning your storage requirements change over time.

Actually, there is one prediction we’re fairly confident making; we’ll always be there to help whatever your circumstances.

Call during our office hours and we’ll do our best to get you sorted out as quickly as possible.

You can reach us on: our free phone number – is 0800 999 5881, or contact us via the form.

We look forward to helping you soon.
The Metro Storage Team