One of the more common uses for self-storage is to store furniture. This can be furniture for the home or for the office and it can be for a short or long time.

Personal furniture storage

There are a number of reasons you might want to use self-storage to store furniture:

  • When moving into a new home you don’t always need all your existing furniture and might want to get a ‘feel for it’ first.
  • If you’ve been living in a place for a while but feel you want to freshen it up or change it a bit an easy way to do this is to move some furniture about or take some furniture out and get a new piece in.
  • If you’re looking to sell your home and want to minimise clutter and make it appear more spacious.
  • If you’re moving home and there is a gap between selling and moving into your new house.
  • After downsizing, to store excess furniture until you decide what to do with it.
  • When decorating, deep-cleaning or renovating your home, to keep furniture safe and out of the way.
  • To store items of furniture that do not fit into your current home but that you want to keep because they have a sentimental or monetary value.
  • If you’re moving abroad for work and your house needs to be rented out, you may wish to keep your furniture in storage to keep it clean and safe for when you return.

Business furniture storage

As with personal furniture storage, it can be useful to store currently unwanted/needed office furniture until you need it again. With the many changes to how we work as a direct result of Covid19 coming in it may be that you’re not sure whether you need all the office space you had before lockdown. But office furniture is expensive and before getting rid of it all it would be sensible to put it in storage and wait and see before making that call.

What size storage unit will I need to store my furniture?

We have many different room sizes across our storage units. The size that you will need will be dependent on what you’re hoping to store. We have a really useful storage size guide to help you choose the right size unit for your furniture, and you can choose to increase or decrease the size of your unit at any time after your first week with us if your storage needs change.

How much does it cost to put your furniture in storage?

The price of a self-storage unit depends on the location of the store, the size of the unit, the length of stay and the amount of insurance you’ll require.

The best way to get the most up to date and accurate price for furniture storage is to contact us for a quote, call our customer service team or reach out to us via live chat.

How to store furniture

Regardless of whether you are storing personal or office furniture, there are some basic tips on how best to store it. In this blog we are going to cover some of the basics to make sure your furniture stays in the best possible shape whilst in storage:

1. Make sure you clean everything thoroughly before putting it into storage

  • With wooden or plastic furniture, use mild soap and water. For wooden pieces specifically, and especially antiques, use a wood cleaner to protect the existing finish on the wood.
  • Be sure to also clean fabric items like couches or seat cushions with fabric or upholstery cleaner. Check that everything is completely dry before you start packing it up.
  • Polish any metal sections with a polishing cloth and metal cleaner. This step will help remove any existing oxidation and delay the build-up of tarnish.

2. Take everything apart

  • Not only will this mean you can store a lot more items in the storage room – thus saving you money, it will also protect the items of furniture from likely damage during transport.
  • Do make sure all associated bolts and screws are attached to the item of furniture they come from so you can put them back together again!

3. Use wrap where possible

  • Use thick plastic sheeting on the floor where possible to prevent any moisture.
  • Use anything you can – old blankets/sheets/plastic (but leave any plastic covers loose so they don’t trap any moisture under them).
  • Wrap loosely so the furniture can ‘breathe’.

4. Protect glass!

  • You are going to need to add extra protection for glass.
  • Use packing paper – but don’t tape it to the glass as it may leave a nasty mark when taken off.
  • Use bubble wrap.
  • If possible, put into a box for extra protection – surround it with any old blankets/sheets you have.

5. Raise off the floor

  • Where possible get all furniture off the floor.
  • Using pallets is a good way of doing this.

6. Don’t overcrowd the storage room

  • It may sound counter-intuitive but don’t try to cram as much as possible into the smallest storage room possible.
  • This will greatly increase the chance of breaking something whilst it is in storage.
  • Make sure there is an aisle up the middle of the unit so you can access things right at the back.

Whether you are looking to store an armchair or sofa – or any furniture storage – Metro Storage can help.

Why put things into storage with us?

Storage can help keep your life decluttered, help save money by looking after your things whilst you don’t need to use them, and keep your things safe.

1. Flexible

You can store your things for as long as you need and you can upgrade or downsize your unit when you need.

2. Convenient

We have extended opening hours in very central locations.

3. Many different sizes

Rooms starting from a locker up to a storage room for the contents of a 4+ bed home.

4. Insured

Metro Storage is London’s best ALL-INCLUSIVE storage which means insurance is automatically included in your storage fee.

5. Secure

With store-wide CCTV, unique PIN code access, intruder and smoke alarms and a strict signup policy requiring 2 forms of current ID and no cash payments

How can we help you further?

  • 2 stores in central London – Islington and Bayswater
  • INSURANCE included for FREE
  • Up to 50% off your first 8 weeks (subject to availability)
  • Many different unit sizes
  • Upgrade or downsize when you need
  • Only pay for the time you use.

We can call you back if you wish.

Or call us for FREE (incl. mobiles) on 0800 999 5881

The Metro Storage team have been involved in the London self-storage market since 2001 and have a wealth of experience to call upon to help you with your storage needs – whether that’s for furniture storage or just general household storage. Whether that is short or long term. Or if it is for a lot of stuff to start with going down to a little bit later (or visa versa!).

We look forward to helping you with your storage needs.