The question ‘how safe is self-storage?’ is one we hear a lot from customers who get in touch about storing their belongings in our self-storage for the first time. Customers who have used self-storage before rarely ask this question because they have usually already experienced firsthand a good storage experience. The majority of self-storage operators in the UK market offer a good service in a sound storage environment.

Metro Storage has been providing self-storage services in the SW1 area since 2001 with units in Pimlico and Pimlico/Westminster boarders. In that time, we have looked after literally thousands of local residents and local businesses for both short and long-term storage of their many different things.

What security measures should I expect to see in a self-storage location?

If you were to normally store things at home or with a friend they may well end up in either the loft or a garage – both of which are prone to damp and water leaks and in the case of a garage have a simple padlock or even an inbuilt door lock to stop access to anyone who wants to drive up to the door.

When you store your things with a reputable self-storage operator you use a padlock (included for FREE with Metro Storage during your stay should you wish to use it!) and a whole lot more. In fact, the security of your things is one of the most important things for us. Here are just some of the things you can expect from us when storing your belongings in self-storage:

  • Security checks for all new customers
  • No cash payments
  • Unique PIN code secure access
  • Efficient lighting in all areas
  • Your own storage room with its own padlock
  • CCTV throughout
  • Monitored intruder alarms
  • Security patrols
  • Monitored fire detection alarms

What does this mean?

Some of these are self-explanatory – for example CCTV, intruder and fire alarms. All self-storage stores should have them and they should be maintained with at least one maintenance check-up a year. The CCTV should be digital and there should be enough cameras to cover all access points and most of the units.

There are some items in the list that deserve a little more detail and they are:

Security checks for all new customers – all new customers must provide 2 forms of ID when they decide to take a storage room – one photo ID (e.g. drivers licence) and one proof of address (e.g. recent utility bill or bank statement). All new customers are met face to face (either in person or online) to check against the photo ID to prove they are who they say they are.

No cash payments – very few people feel the need or even want to use cash anymore and this is a good thing from a security point of view. By only using debit/credit/charge cards or direct bank transfers we are effectively ‘piggy-backing’ onto the security checks the issuing bank has already carried out on the customer.

Unique PIN code secure access – each new customer is issued with a computer-generated random 7 digit unique PIN code that controls their access into the storage environment. Much better than a front door key!

Security patrols – our team is regularly on-site carrying out meet and greets with new customers, cleaning the store, or for maintenance checks. Part of these numerous visits is to carry out a ‘walk through’ the store to ensure all is in order.

Monitored alarms – this means that if they are triggered when they are set, then a monitoring service is warned and no matter what time of day or night the store is visited and checked out by fully screened and insured keyholders.

So my belongings are safe?

Yes! If your self-storage store provides you with the above, which Metro Storage does, then you should be confident about storing your things there. Security is key to any storage provider and they take the issue very seriously.

Metro Storage has been providing secure self-storage in the Pimlico/Victoria/Westminster area since 2001 and has had many happy customers in that time. We take the storing of your belongings very seriously and are proud to have served the local area for so long.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your self-storage needs.