We know how it is – you have an important deadline for moving home, going travelling or getting some work done on your property that means you need to clear some space.

You have a million and one things to organise before the BIG DAY and somehow putting your things into storage slips to the bottom of the list.

It’s just sometimes the way it is – we get it!

In this post, we’ll explain the steps you can take to rent a storage unit.

So, how does self-storage work?

1. Find out as much as you can online

The storing of your belongings is a big responsibility that we at Metro Storage take very seriously. Our website has a lot of information on it that will hopefully help – as well as a great self-storage size guide. It’s important you do your research and also learn what you can and cannot store.

2. Choose the right storage location for you

Make sure it’s near where you live so you can access your things easily and when you want to. Remember – you will definitely be able to find cheaper storage the further away from the centre of London you go – but how much is your time worth? If you are spending an hour to get to the store and an hour back instead of 5 or 10 minutes – actually how convenient and useful is the storage? Are you better off using self-storage or a storage container?

3. Arrange a visit to see the store

It’s important that you rent the right sized storage room for your belongings. If it’s too small you obviously won’t fit everything in when you come to bring your stuff into storage! Equally, if it’s too big, you end up paying for space that you don’t need! As we have already mentioned, it’s really important you actually go to the storage store yourself to make sure you are happy with the storage environment and so you can choose the right size storage room for you and your things. You can arrange a visit to us by filling in this form.

That’s why we always ask to meet all customers on-site to discuss their needs and to show them several different storage room sizes – nobody knows your stuff as you do, so it really is only you that can tell if a unit is the right size for you.

4. Fill in a storage agreement and pay

Once you have seen the store and chosen the right storage room for you, you will need to fill in a storage agreement and then pay by card. Don’t forget, you’ll need to show 2 forms of ID (photo ID e.g. drivers licence/passport and proof of address e.g. recent utility bill or bank statement).

5. Pack your belongings

Boxes and packing supplies – you may want to sort out some packaging supplies whilst you are on-site as well. Alternatively, in order to keep things as easy as possible for you, we have also teamed up with a professional packaging company – Breamfold Packaging. Place your order online before midday and your order will be delivered to your door the very next day.

6. Removals

Time to move the stuff out of your house and into storage. If you need help, ask us about removals services – we have tied up with a local third-party provider.

7. Packing your storage unit

We can help you understand how to pack the unit in the most efficient way whilst keeping it accessible. For example, if you cram your stuff in right to the door, then you won’t be able to access your things at the back of the storage room. So we always recommend that you keep a little corridor down the middle and pack your things along the sides and back of the storage room. That way you can access your belongings anywhere in the storage room.

We hope you have found this post to be useful – if you have any further questions please just call us or fill in a contact form – we are here to help!

You may find some further relevant information in our FAQ’s section.

We hope to see you soon.