With London housing seemingly becoming smaller (and definitely more expensive), storage hacks can make a world of difference to the quality of life.

Just a few simple changes can transform a room from cramped and messy quarters to a brighter and more pleasant space in which to live and store your belongings.

Getting the most out of a modest room is an art form we have perfected over several decades in the storage game, and in this post, we’ll help you maximise your plot and provide some top tips for making the most of smaller living spaces.


Most importantly, you can’t create more space unless you get rid of things first. Go through the three standard steps: chuck, donate, or put in self-storage!

Immediately you’ll have more space to try some of the more creative ways of freeing up a

Top Tip: If you haven’t used something in six-to-12 months, chances are you don’t need it. See our post on decluttering for more tips!

Get organised

If everything has a place, there won’t be overflow. No overflow means no clutter invading your living space and creating a mess. If you’re wondering how to stay organised in a small space, boxes, and bins, dividers in drawers, and shelving should be your first port of call.

Top Tip: Being organised also prevents you from losing things, buying duplicates, and then having two or three of everything.

Make the most of what you have

While you’re looking for the best ways to maximise space in your flat, you can also get creative with your surroundings. Sometimes furniture can do another job.

Chairs make excellent bedside tables, while beds with built-in drawers and coffee tables with drawers are great ways to help you use every inch of space. Windowsills can double up as shelves, and the best kinds of tables for small abodes are the ones with removable leaves that can be extended whenever necessary and folded back when not. (Check out his article for more examples of multi-purpose furniture.)

If these walls could talk

Walls are blank canvases that are often under-utilised. You can fit shelves, wall desks, tables and mirrors, and there’s no barrier other than your own creativity. We’ve seen walls filled with racks for shoes, keys, pits and pans, jewellery and even ties. Recreational items such as snowboards, surfboards and bikes can also be attached, so you can store them
efficiently, save space on the ground whilst proudly displaying your passions!

Top Tip: Express yourself on walls to prevent clutter from collecting on your surfaces like desks, nightstands and tables, etc. Plus, when you need your bike, hey presto it’s RIGHT THERE.

Look up

Use all your space from floor to ceiling to make the most of a small area. Whether that means adding a few extra shelves to make a bookshelf to the ceiling or covering a whole wall with custom cabinets, it will make a huge difference.

You’d be surprised how many weird places you can find room for storage. Above doors, on the backs of doors, in your closet, and even on your ceiling. Make every centimetre count.

Top Tip: Create or buy a wire rack to hang from the ceiling above your kitchen for pots and pans. This will free up cabinet and counter space, and be decorative.

Get into the zone(s)

You can also make your apartment seem bigger by creating zones. If you have an open plan space it is beneficial to create divisions between your living space, bedroom and kitchen areas.

Partitions allow you to create a separation of space without actual walls that need to be installed by professionals. These can be anything from see-through shelving, a glass wall, room divider or even art.

Top Tip: If you use open or see-through objects to make your zones, the whole space will seem larger.

Ming games

You can differentiate spaces by making levels. Try lifting your bed, or elevating certain items to create a sense of contrast. Using certain colours and tones can also fool the eyes into thinking a room is larger than actuality. Lighter colours do wonders for small spaces. White and cream reflect natural light which creates an illusion of more space. But, darker colours can help too. In a space with little natural light, darker colours blend the walls, making the impression the room is larger.


Mirrors are incredible for playing tricks. They can create depth, reflect light and brighten up a room, giving the illusion of more space. It’s a trick many shops use to fool customers into thinking the store they just entered is more expansive than the reality.

Top Tip: Pseudo-windows, using large, tall mirrors, can also reflect parts of the room to your advantage.

Rent a storage unit

It may seem obvious, but often the best bet is to utilise self-storage plots. For one thing, you quite literally get more space. That way, you don’t have to donate or toss away things you really don’t want to part with; Metro Storage can take care of them. We’ll keep it all safe and sound, until you need that extra furniture for your dream home in a few year’s time!

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