Life changes, and so do our circumstances. Sometimes, this means we need to be flexible in how we live and where we reside. It’s crucial to know how to safely store your belongings during these transitions. Whether you’re decluttering your home before a sale, moving abroad, undergoing building work, or in between tenancies, self-storage offers a secure solution for your items.

When choosing a storage company, safety and accessibility should be top priorities. Not all self-storage companies offer the same level of service or security, so it’s important to do your research.

Here are the top five expert tips on how to safely store your belongings:

1. Flexibility and Size Management: 

Self-storage is highly flexible, catering to both short and long-term needs. Adjust your unit size easily to match your current requirements. The goal is to efficiently use space and budget – only pay for what you need.

2. Prioritise Security: 

Choose a storage facility that takes security seriously. Look for features like digital CCTV, individual unit locks, PIN code access, thorough ID checks, alarm systems, and smoke detectors. Your belongings are often safer in a well-secured storage unit than at home.

3. Accessible Storage: 

Self Storage in Central LondonEnsure the storage facility offers convenient access hours. If 24/7 access is a necessity, confirm its availability and any associated costs. The flexibility of self-storage means you can access your items as frequently as needed.

4.Packaging and Removal Assistance: 

A good storage provider will offer packaging supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Some, like Metro Storage, even deliver these supplies to your doorstep. Additionally, inquire about partnerships with reliable removal companies to facilitate the transportation of your items.

5. Watch for Hidden Costs: 

Be wary of storage operators who aren’t transparent about their fees. Look out for unexpected admin charges, sign-up fees, or compulsory insurance at high rates. Opt for an all-inclusive operator like Metro Storage, where simplicity and transparency are key.

We hope these tips will guide you in safely storing your belongings. At Metro Storage, our aim is to simplify the storage process for you. We offer a 12 month price promise and a range of other great benefits:


Metro Price Promise

  • 50% OFF your first 4 weeks’ stay
  • FREE insurance included
  • Open 7 days a week with extensive hours
  • One simple price with no hidden extras
  • Packaging supplies available on-site or for deliveryd
  • Additional discounts for prepayment
  • Top-end security features
  • FREE use of a padlock during your stay

For more information or assistance, call us for FREE on 0800 999 5881. Let us help you make storing your belongings safe and easy.