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Life changes, and so do our circumstances.

Sometimes that means we need to be flexible in how we live and also where we live.

There are many different reasons for using self-storage for your belongings.

  • Whether it is to de-clutter your home prior to trying to sell it, or if you are moving abroad,
  • or if you are having building work done, or
  • you are in between tenancies
  • the list goes on for reasons to use self-storage.

The key is to make an informed choice of where to store your things to ensure they are safe and secure but also easy to access when you want to.

By doing even a small amount of research it becomes clear quite quickly that not all self-storage companies are equal!

There are a number of things you need to know before you choose your storage company.  We have put together a ‘Top 5’ below of the things we believe are important to at least think about prior to making your choice as to where to store your things:

Top 5 things to know before using storage:

  1. Self storage is very flexible – you can store your belongings for short or long periods of time (although there is always a minimum storage period – normally 4 weeks).  You should also be able to change your unit size very easily to suit your needs whilst you are using the store – whether that is upgrading to a larger unit or downsizing to a smaller one.  The key is to only pay for the size of unit you need to use so you do not waste your money!  But do note that it is called ‘self-storage’ and that it will be up to you to move your things from one unit (or storage room) to another if you do decide to make a change.
  2. Security is taken very seriously – this is after all one of the main reasons you wish to use a self-storage company to store your things.  It should include digital CCTV throughout, individual storage units just for your belongings, unique PIN code access to track who is in the store at any given time, thorough ID checks when you move in, no cash payments, intruder alarm systems, smoke detection systems, regular security patrols etc.  In fact, your things are often far more secure when in storage than if they were in your own home!
  3. You can access your things when you want – whilst there will virtually always be opening hours you will need to work to, these are usually extensive and you can get 24 / 7 storage if you really need it.  If 24 / 7 access is important then be sure to ask if it is available when you make your initial enquiry.  Sometimes this is free and sometimes it can be a small extra cost. Whatever the opening hours the beauty of self-storage is you can come and access your things 10 times a day or once a year, it is up to you!
  4. Need help with packaging and removals? – a good operator will also be able to help you with your packaging needs by having a decent selection of different sizes of boxes, bubble wrap and tape on site.  Some can even arrange to have packaging supplies delivered to your door!  At Metro Storage we have packaging supplies on site and you can also book for a delivery to your door via our website.  And have you thought about how you are going to get your things to the store – again a good removals company should be able to help you with this as well.
  5. Finally… beware the “added extras” – not all storage operators are completely up front with all their charges so do beware.  Usually just as you are about to sign on the dotted line you will be told about ‘admin charges’ or ‘signing up fees’ and not forgetting the ‘compulsory insurance’ at top rates. Try to look for an all-inclusive operator who is fair and up front with their prices – like Metro Storage!  We believe self-storage is a simple business and therefore should be kept simple.  We don’t like surprises so we don’t want to give our customers any.

We hope you find the above list helpful.

Here at Metro Storage we aim to make storing your belongings as simple and easy as possible.


Metro Price Promise

Call us for FREE (including mobiles) on 0800 999 5881 to see how we may help you.

Here is a short list of just some of the benefits of storing with Metro Storage in Central London:

  • FREE insurance included in our price so you can relax
  • Open 7 / 7 with extensive opening hours – visit as often as you like
  • One simple price including storage fee, insurance and VAT – no nasty hidden extras!
  • Need Boxes, bubble wrap, tape?  All available on site or delivery for ease
  • Additional Discounts for pre-payment – up to 15% per year
  • Top end security throughout
  • FREE use of a padlock during your stay if you want to use it.